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Read below for an overview of the Archicad content libraries available to download for free.
3D Objects, Surfaces or in some cases both!
Created by real world users who listen to feedback
GDL Code
All content is efficiently acting native GDL code.
Custom Textures
Seamless Image Textures created to suit

Archicad Lighting Library

The Unios ArchiCAD library is comprised of a single ArchiCAD Object containing over 700 product permutations, all created natively in ArchiCAD, allowing users the ability to design and document Unios’ product ranges.
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Unios ArchiCAD Library Creation

The Unios object was generated out of Graphisoft’s own “IES Light.gsm” and therefore includes all the functions users are familiar with in the lighting objects.
The IES Light was chosen as the Unios content includes the appropriate IES file
for each product.

The objective for this library is to cover all the necessary properties applicable to Lighting Objects.

Large Archicad materials Library from Dulux BIM Solutions

Inspiring creativity

With over 13,000 finishes across Australia and New Zealand, the Dulux Archicad Library will bring your next project to life!
Highlights include

  • 180 PowderCoat finishes
  • 7000 Paint Colours
  • 1300 AcraTex Stucco/Render Finishes (13 ranges x 100 colours each)
  • 79 Safety and Protective Coating finishes
  • 114 Timber Oil and Stain finishes
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"Everything Fits" in the Moddex Archicad Library

Native Components
The Moddex Archicad library content is provided as components for the built in Railing tool, providing maximum flexibility and ease of use.
Automated Archicad schedules
The Moddex Archicad library contains all the embedded data you'll need to create Automated schedules
Moddex Assistrail disability handrail systems ensure that the mobility impaired or vision impaired can traverse your site safely and with ease. You have the backing of our technical experts who can advise on potential hazards and the best solutions.
Moddex Bikesafe barriers ensure you protect cyclists, especially those travelling at speed, and eliminate or mitigate injury from falls. Bikesafe systems are quick and easy to install, with curved sections to flow with cycle ways.
When you need to mitigate or eliminate risk to workers. Because our systems are modular, Conectabal can form part of a cohesive solution as they’re designed to integrate easily with our Tuffrail® and Assistrail® ranges.
Robust industrial handrails Pedestrians, employees and site visitors are protected against corroded handrails with Moddex Tuffrail – tough in the face of sea spray or chemical corrosion.

Native GDL Railings Library

What are you waiting for?

Archicad Materials and Wall Accessory from Laminex

image image

One product range, two content types

For the Laminex 'Surround' product range, the Materials /Surfaces are the simplest, primary form of digital asset to provide designers with in order to incorporate the Laminex Surround product into their project designs.

Laminex has also provided for the 'Surround' product range as a '3D Wall Accessory'. This is able to be applied to the appropriate walls selectively or en-mass.